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Jambo! Afretech is a small, effective organization that has been working in the Developing World since 1992 and a registered Canadian and US charity since January 2000. Our goal is to help people help themselves. We provide educational resources, computers, and even build schools where there is a great need. And working with Rotary World Help Network (RWHN), we also equip hospitals with much needed specialty items such as ultrasound machines and surgical instruments to improve care for children. We collect, check. and pack good quality library books and suitable texts,(chemistry, biology, physics, general science, readers, and anthologies, non-fiction etc. − about 30,000 books annually). In addition, we fund raise and buy books that reflect each country's culture and language(s). Also we collect high end computers and appropriate medical equipment and ship everything in 40' containers. Our terrific partners in the developing countries ensure all items reach their destination.

Currently we are active in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa. As well we continue to add resources to wherever RWHN is currently sending humanitarian aid.. We are an all-volunteer organization: there are no salaried personnel and no free trips or expense accounts. When volunteers travel to install libraries and computer labs and train, they pay their own airfare, accommodation, food, and transport. All funds donated to Afretech go directly to improving the lives of impoverished children and giving them a future. That is our mandate. Join us and make a difference!

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Our goal is simple: To advance education and relieve poverty by:

Since our inception we have been providing practical support for schools and support generally for young people. Most African schools are desperately short of basic resources; teachers instruct from a single outdated text while students listen. Often these schools lack an adequate water supply. Working with our volunteers, individuals, corporations, other educational organizations, and community based groups, we address these needs in practical, cost-effective ways.