Children Learning on Lawn

Like most charitable organizations, AFRETECH began with a desire to help others - a "we can do this" decision. In 1992, two Canadian teachers visited a local school in Zimbabwe, Africa, and were immediately struck by the lack of basic resources. Teachers taught from a single outdated textbook while students listened. Yet these kids were desperate for an education - and the one hope of a better future. Returning home, the teachers enlisted the help of their family, friends, and schools district to send a first shipment of resources to that school. That was only the start. AFRETECH currently has projects in schools in Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Ghana. The shipments have grown larger and larger to reflect the educational expectations of a changing world. In 1999 AFRETECH set up its first computer lab in a rural African school in Zimbabwe and provided training and technical support for staff and students. Shipments have expanded since then, and recently AFRETECH constructed and equipped a brand new computer facility in Imbale, Kenya. As well, AFRETECH established a clinic at Imbale next to the local school to provide medical assistance to students and the surrounding community. AFRETECH is an all volunteer organization and a registered Canadian charity. Our goal is to give children the chance of a real education and thereby a better life.