How To Help

Children's Faces

You can make a donation online to fund a project or a container shipment with your credit card using one of these websites:


Write a cheque payable to Afretech and send to
7692 Garfield Drive, Delta, BC, V4E 4E5.

US donors can send their cheques to 973 Holiday Lane, Point Roberts WA, 98281, or use their credit card on the or websites. A letter with our US tax number for IRS tax deduction purposes will be sent to the US address

Goods In Kind

We are happy to accept children's books of all kinds, especially those with great illustrations. Also good quality fiction and non-fiction in three categories: primary, high school, and some adult for universities. Certain categories of recent university texts are also very useful.

Medical equipment such as ultrasound machines, wheelchairs, especially child size, etc.

Computers in sets of ten or more: a larger number of the same type of computer makes troubleshooting easier

We do not issue tax receipts for used books but receipts can be issued for the residual value of certain items that have not been fully depreciated. Items newly purchased can be receipted.