DomerKi Learning Centre

This centre, established in 2005, is located in Chevakali, Kenya, one of the poorest areas in one of the poorest provinces. By 2008 Afretech had provided a small library of books, many of which are loaned to local teachers on a term-by-term basis as most schools have no resources. It also has ten computers, which are available for a small fee; Form IV students also use the centre. They are required to take a computer course although their schools do not have computers and some do not even have electricity. DormerKi also has a small sewing room where street children are taught a trade. These students also sew school uniforms, which are sold at cost to poor primary school children and eco-friendly sanitary pads which are sold to girls so they no longer have to miss class. Finally to make money, they sew cloth shopping bags and book bags. We are adding more computers this year.

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