Nanyuki Community Schools Project

Resource Centre Photo

The goal is to bring library and computer resources to the children and citizens of Nanyuki town in Laikipia District, Kenya. The area has a large population (over 1 million) struggling to meet even the most basic needs, and schools have few educational materials. Now, we are planning a Resource Centre to first serve the schools, then the entire community. The goal is to set up a suitable facility in consultation with the local council. The library will hold a minimum of 5000 books (fiction and non-fiction including books by African authors) while the computer lab will have 20 to 30 computers. Students will receive training on days when their school is scheduled for the centre and be able to browse the library and borrow books. The library will offer suitable seating and tables so people can sit and read or work. The books and computers have been already been sent, and a volunteer team will spend part of January in Kenya completing the set up.

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