Thika Schools / Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) Shipment

Thika Computer Lab Photo

We sent close to 300 computers to CFSK and about 400 hundred boxes of reading/library resources for school in Thika, a town out of Nairobi. Some local schools there, particularly those in the slum areas, literally do not have one book. We have changed that. Eleanor Harrison, who runs Action Children Kenya Direct, accepted the challenge to distribute all the books - a HUGE task. She emailed us the following update:

All the books have now been distributed (done in Jan) and I actually have thank you letters from several schools for you. as you are often here I hoped to give you them in person. They were extremely appreciative of the books and I have even seen them being used in 2 schools first hand! I ended up distributing them to several schools. These were:
Thika Library Photo

We provided books to seven impoverished schools located mainly next to slums. As result for the first time a student has qualified for university and received a scholarship.

Computers for School Kenya (CFSK)
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